Welcome to my blog! I am vegan for five years now. Though my blog is in Polish I welcome all the foodphotography lovers and vegan food lovers who are not Polish speaking.

My recipies are easy and you can easily translate the ingredients  in Google or ask me in the e-mail if you are interested in any special recipe or blog post.

Besides cooking I really love food photography and food styling. In my work I use Canon 6D with 50mm 1.8 lens. I photoshoot only with natural light.

If you like my photos follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest.

In any questions regarding food photography and other job offers please contact me directly via email or phone +48 609 56 11 77

Vegeluv means for me fresh, unprocessed, natural and positive vegan cooking. The philosophy of my cooking is described soooo well by the blues song by Etta James:

‚all I want to do is cook your bread, just to make sure you’re well fed’